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White papers

Gain insight on industry trends, including regulatory challenges and solutions

Martijn Groot analyses the impact of the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book on market risk and banks’ data management practices

A special report in conjunction with Risk.net

This paper explores the management of data in banking, with a focus on data management for risk management purposes and emphasis on banks’ financial markets activities

Based on our webinar in conjunction with Risk.net, this paper examines how much work the financial services industry has to do in the coming months, with advice on collating, proofing and securing the integrity of risk factor data sets for FRTB

In this white paper Martijn Groot looks into recent developments in stress testing and the challenges they pose to banks. In particular, addressing market data management issues in stress testing and how a wide range of data ingredients are required

Over the past four years, stress testing has been coming of age, transforming into a distinct discipline under the umbrella of risk management. Asset Control, in collaboration with WBR assembled a panel of data experts to identify major challenges, share best practices, and troubleshoot the compliance issues of the next few years.

In this age of ‘regulation, regulation, regulation’, management of financial data is increasingly under the microscope of management attention

What is risk data aggregation, why does it matter, and how can organisations make it work to their advantage?

Representing a sea-change for the financial sector, The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has focused on strengthening risk data aggregation and reporting capabilities at key financial institutions.