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Reference Data

Asset Control's comprehensive reference data management solutions

Asset Control’s solutions are perfect for back office environments wanting to alleviate the burden of failed trade reports, improve straight-through processing, or reduce operational risk.

Disparate application data silos can cause inconsistent security details, which can lead to potentially serious liability for custodians or investment managers.

Asset Control’s reference data solutions provide a centralised Golden Copy of information on security masters, corporate actions and counterparties to provide:

  • Compliance and credit risk
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Business continuity
  • Better data quality - through cross-comparison

Through our off-the-shelf interfaces and unparalleled enrichment, normalisation and consolidation methodology, cleansed and standardised reference data is made available to all the users that require it. Asset Control interfaces with all of the major data vendors including Bloomberg, Reuters, S&P, and Interactive Data, as well as many niche vendors.

Asset Control provides complete transparency across data by maintaining each vendor’s raw data in its original format, then enriching and mapping it to a normalised model. 

Our normalised data model is comprehensive and aligned with ISO 15022 classifications, and its normalization process makes for easy comparison, integration and anomaly-checking. Asset Control’s library of business rules guarantees consistency in the creation of a complete, consolidated data infrastructure.

Enquire now to find out how Asset Control can help with your management of reference data.


AC Plus Overview (PDF)

AC Security Master Datasheet  (PDF 127 KB)