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Asset Control helps financial organisations deliver high-quality reference, market and risk data to the people and applications that need it – on time, all the time

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With Asset Control data management solutions, long-term ROI is assured

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The latest data management research and commentary from Asset Control

Insight on industry trends, regulatory challenges and solutions

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Find out how global financial institutions use Asset Control to solve their most complex data management challenges

The most demanding buy-side and sell-side institutions choose Asset Control

Leading institutions generate value with Asset Control

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Asset Control is the world’s leading provider of extensible, reliable, high performance financial data management solutions, with a 25 year history of data management excellence

Asset Control is independent and 100% focused on financial data management

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AC Academy

Optimise your people and systems with training from Asset Control

Training from AC Academy aims to bring out your organisation’s true potential, through a structured learning methodology

Whether you are a user, a partner, or an entire organisation, we focus on providing the skills required to utilise our software to its full potential. We offer rigorous, practical training around core use cases, while conveying our standards and best practices.

Our customers can benefit from a range of modules built around 25 years of expertise in data management for all abilities and backgrounds. Our training enables your employees to carry out processes more efficiently while ensuring higher quality output.

The training is user role focused, offering a variety of clearly distinguished courses between business and technical audiences.

Business User

The Business User course provides training for data processing, data acquisition and data cleansing, and is ideal for positions such as Daily Operations, Data Quality Control and Risk Data Management.

IT Operations User 

The IT User course is ideal for AC System Administrators, IT Operations and IT Development, providing training for AC Plus monitoring, configuring, the building of logical modules and function development.


AC Academy Training

Realise the potential of your Asset Control software and put yourself on the EDM map

The Benefits


  • Reduce costs by improving operational efficiency, control and maintenance provision with personnel that understand Asset Control software, methodologies and best practices
  • Reduce project risk by resourcing qualified and competent personnel or certified partners who all have a common understanding of Asset Control software and terminology


  • Find key opportunities with credentials that prove competence and expertise
  • Stay up-to-date with our latest technology and distinguish yourself in the market

Asset Control Users

  • Be recognised in the EDM market for your data management skills
  • Join a select group of trained professionals

Our sessions will take place on set dates, but can also be tailored to client requirements

Interested to find out more?

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We aim to provide a bespoke, client-by-client service, and will provide you with materials and information based on your specific needs.

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