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Market data management solutions

Asset Control provide you with the means for meeting Prudent Valuation rules and undertaking Independent Price Verification

Prudent Valuation rules in both the EU and the US require verified independent valuation prices for the trading and banking books, as well as for external portfolios 


Asset Control helps you to comply with Prudent Valuation rules and carry out Independent Price Verification. We give you the tools to integrate exchange prices, trade repository data, indicative and actionable quotes and different sources of valuations - including your own front office - to get the most complete price picture

We help financial institutions to manage the exponential growth of instrument types and data sources, meet business and time-to-market objectives, and provide flexibility for growth and local customisation

With an Asset Control solution for managing market data, you benefit from:


  • Quality control and business rules to screen prices from external sources and compare them to front office prices
  • Stress-free integration of multiple sources and contributors into approved valuation prices – with a full audit trail
  • Complete data lineage and transparency to trace prices back to source
  • Management of proxy rules for missing prices
  • Approved pricing sets for use in daily P&L, NAV calculations and collateral valuations
Pricing data integration for the clearest possible picture

Standard Chartered Bank chose AC Plus to replace a collection of data management systems and bring consistency and efficiency to market data management and risk management across their operations in 47 countries

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100% committed to building confidence and client success