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Risk data management solutions

Designed with Chief Risk Officers in mind

Data volume is exploding, business requirements are complex and IT budgets are under pressure


  • Regulators scrutinise the quality of the risk information supply chain according to the principles of BCBS 239
  • Stress testing programmes (CCAR, DFAST, EBA) force banks to rethink their processes across product silos
  • The market risk overhaul under FRTB poses additional data requirements to qualify for the use of internal models

AC Risk Data Manager was built to meet the specific data requirements of risk management and new regulation

Meet the requirements of BCBS 239

  • Creation of robust, scalable and reliable infrastructure
  • Effective frameworks for market data validation and quality management
  • A single set of controls to calibrate risk factor data, control input data sets, calculation parameters and output dimensions
  • A standard data model, adaptable desktop and workflow for quality management between market data sourcing and market risk data delivery

Comply with the revised framework of the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

  • Obtaining and integrating market data from different sources
  • Improved data quality to limit the number of P&L breaks
  • Cross-referencing different instrument taxonomies and identification schemes
  • Substantiation of modellable risk factors through integrating trade repository data
  • Derivation and tracking of long risk factor histories to use in Expected Shortfall calculations

Fulfil the obligations of stress testing programmes, whether CCAR/DFAST or EBA

  • One platform for scenario definition and delivery of stressed factor data to downstream systems
  • Scenario management, from regulatory shocks to internal scenarios
  • Mapping of risk factors to shocks, scenario augmentation and validation of scenario outputs
  • A controlled process with an unambiguous data dictionary and data governance
  • Integration with common analytics languages

Compare internal prices and parameters for effective Independent Price Verification

  • A full range of market data sources, including exchange prices, trades, tradable and indicative broker quotes, and consensus service data
  • Screening of front office data feeds
  • Structured market data integration and quality management processes to integrate sources, apply validation rules and implement proxies
  • A comprehensive set of vendor interfaces
  • Simple derivation of additional fields, creation of new risk factors and application of shocks

Asset Control risk data management solutions are designed to provide consistent, cleansed pricing data for risk factor inputs in any market risk calculation

Through our range of off-the-shelf interfaces to all of the major data vendors, we can collect data at any frequency, including end-of-day, via multiple intra-day snapshots or in real-time

By utilising time-series consolidation and a library of cleansing rules, data from multiple vendors or brokers can be combined into clean, reliable pricing data

A next level product for next level Risk Managers, AC Risk Data Manager makes risk data management processes both effective and efficient, and removes the need for a ‘siloed’ approach in different trading systems by providing a central risk factor data source within the market data repository


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Solutions for dealing with the market data and risk factor classification and modellability requirements of the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

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The Joined-Up Data Imperative

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