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PaSSPort is a managed data service that connects data sources to consumers

It comprises:

  • An easily-accessible, cloud-based data repository
  • One or more maintained interfaces to data vendors
  • Management of data request lists to control sourcing
  • Integration with downstream systems.

Be Prepared for Regulatory Reporting

AC PaSSPort offers SOC 2 certified integration services to the data sources you require, controls to transparently manage the data sets you request and inspect the preparation process, and data sets delivered in the formats and frequencies you require. Just tell us the content providers you require, the level of data mastering and integration you need and the data sets and formats for your applications. We will do the rest.

More Insights into Targeted Managed Data Services

FRTB: Cloud to Cloud

In this report, authored by Asset Control and Vector Risk, we discuss resolving the challenges of data intensity and computational complexity.

Download Our PaSSPort Managed Data Service Data Sheet

An overview of Asset Control’s SOC 2 compliant PaSSPort solution. A managed data service that connects data sources to consumers.

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